About Us

All in the Details Janitorial was birthed out of a homeschool mother’s desire to pay for dance lessons for her daughter. A friend noticed that our owner’s home seemed suspiciously clean and organized and invited her to come clean her home as well. A dinner party at that residence was soon held, friends noticed the extra touches from her appointment and the business began! As the first in her family born in the United States, our owner has always been passionate about opportunity, entrepreneurship, hard work and community. All in the Details Janitorial was patriotic, hard-working, and obsessive about cleanliness years before Covid-19 made its’ debut in 2020. We are minority owned, offer special pricing for 501c Non-Profits and give back to local charities monthly.

Our current accounts are located in Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair (Alabama) counties. Invoices are sent monthly via Fresh Books and clients have the option to direct deposit or leave paper checks at the office. For an additional fee, clients may also pay with credit cards through Fresh Books, PayPal or Venmo. Clients must provide a vacuum, janitor’s closet and paper and soap products. Cleaning supplies will be provided by All in the Details.

At this time, All in the Details Janitorial only accepts commercial accounts. We do not require that our clients sign contracts as we feel that renewing our commitment monthly keeps both clients and our company on our toes. Feel free to give us a one-month risk-free trial. Imagine doing business with a company that is convicted to re-earn your business every 30 days!

And because of clients just like you, dreams continue to come true as the owner builds a legacy for the next generation of Americans in her family. From dancing at Disney, to Nutcracker Snow Queen, to seeing real life entrepreneurship up close, your investment into us allows us to invest into others and make America better, one small business at a time.

If you would like us to visit your office for a free quote, please email us at allinthedetailsjanitorial@gmail.com or give us a call / text, 205-873-8621.